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Q. Where do you teach your training classes and how many individuals can you train at one time?
A. Classes can be taught on or offsite depending upon your requirements. The number of students depends upon the type of class being taught.
Q. How many years of experience do you have as a safety and health consultant?
A. We have over 21 years as a safety and industrial hygiene consultant.
Q. Can you help our company develop OSHA written programs?
A. We can assemble site specific safety or health programs as needed.
Q. How many different companies have you done work for, both in Mississippi and outside the state?
A. Several hundred in Mississippi and approximately 50 out of state.
Q. Can we hire you on a one time basis or do we have to sign a long-term contract?
A. Depending upon your needs, we can provide one time, part time, quarterly or other assistance as needed.
Q. Does HASCATS have access to safety videos for sale or rent that we can use in our facility?
A. We have no videos for sale at this time but several of my clients may borrow what I have.
Q. How many safety professionals work for HASCATS?
A. At this time, We have 3 Safety Professionals, 3 First Aid Instructors, 2 Industrial Hygienist.
Q. I have a new business and donít know anything about safety regulations, can you help someone like myself with no background at all?
A. Yes. We can assist you by assessing your needs and promulgating a plan of action to get you into compliance and assist you in maintaining that position.
Q. Does HASCATS do work outside the state of Mississippi?
Q. My insurance company does this type of service for me. What is the difference between you and them?
A. Insurance companies do a very good job but often do not have the time to devote to individual companies. We offer the time and services based upon your schedule and needs.
Q. Someone told us that we do not have enough employees to fall under OSHA regulations, is that true? If so, what are we required to do by law?
A. OSHA does not restrict their inspections to companies with a specific number of employees. In fact, there are citations worth thousands of dollars written to companies with as few as three employees. These inspections were both construction sites and general industry locations. If you have one employee you could be responsible for OSHA compliance.
Q. Can I tell an OSHA compliance officer to go away?
A. Yes.  You may tell the compliance officer to go away and refuse entry.  However, the compliance officer may come back with a search warrant later.  Your company needs to develop a plan of action that will detail what to do if OSHA shows up at your front step.
Q. Why would I need your service when we have never had any serious injuries?
A. That must make you feel very good. We certainly hope you can continue with that wonderful record. The issue here is that serious injuries are not pre-planned; so this wonderful record can be changed in a split second.
Q. Why would we need a "formal, documented" safety program? We have some safety rules and we hold safety meetings regularly.
A. fully documented safety program can help you keep control of your company assets and provide the employees with qualified information. Simply conducting some safety meetings does not qualify as OSHA qualified training. An OSHA inspector will ask your employees questions, and based on the answers the employees give, the inspector will determine whether or not you have an effective training program. Also there are several OSHA regulations that require written programs.
Q. What if all my employees are family members. Do they still fall under OSHA regulations?
A. If an individual draws a salary whether they are family or not they are subject to the OSHA Standards, the only exception may be the owner. Partnerships are different.
Q. What if all my employees are leased or temps, do I still have OSHA responsibilities for them?
A. If an inspection of your facility uncovers a safety or health violation, and you are using leased/temp employees, then both you and the lease/temp company may both be fined. Simply using temps does not relieve the site employer from providing a safe work place, where the employees are working under OSHA qualified conditions.